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Synocule is a Hyderabad based contract research & manufacturing services (CRAMS) company. The company was established in the year 2013 by four doctorates having more than 15 years experience in research and leadership. The company has an experienced and reputed scientific leadership team with strong client relationships with both big pharma and biotech companies. Synocule provides specialty molecules, organic laboratory chemicals as well as pharmaceutical, herbal and animal nutrition products. We expertise in milli gram scale to bulk level synthetic experience and we have R&D, Kilo lab, Pilot scale and plant facility around Hyderabad, India.Synocule to offer more than 500 specialty moieties, fine chemicals and API intermediate products as well as custom synthesis. We provide fast and knowledgeable service to our customers. Synocule is committed to providing outstanding customer service and high quality reagents in a timely manner to meet your needs.


Chemicals find use in numerous sectors including pharmaceutical sector, where they prove their worth by saving lives and supporting masses in maintaining good health. Synocule Research Labs Private Limited, a manufacturer of Pharmaceutical Chemicals is saving lives of masses by formulating Hexyltrimethylammonium Bromide, Trimethyloctylammonium Bromide, 98%, N-Phenylanthranilic Acid, 4 Bromo 1H Pyrazole, Vanillic Acid and numerous other chemicals. These chemicals are used by small and large scale pharmaceutical companies, indulged in production of anti-inflammatory drugs, anti-allergic and other medicines.

Our Hyderabad, Telangana, India based CRAMS- Contract Research & Manufacturing Services company possess a team of four doctors, having huge experience in research field. Our company also boasts of a scientific leadership team, which is successful in maintaining best business relationships with large scale biotech and pharmaceutical companies.

Our company has gained great specialization in offering organic lab chemicals, specialty molecules, animal and herbal nutrition products. For processing of aforesaid products, we are maintaining a sturdy R&D lab, pilot scale, kilo lab and production facility. Using advanced manufacturing facilities, we produce 500 specialty moieties, API intermediate products, fine chemicals and also perform custom synthesis.


Product Quality 100%
Trusted Brands 99%
Responsive Service 100%
Expert Technical Team 99%
Outstanding customer service 100%

Manufacturing Excellence

At Synocule Research Labs Private Limited, we take pride in our hi-tech manufacturing facilities, with the support of which we produce highly effective Vanillic Acid, N-Phenylanthranilic Acid, Hexyltrimethylammonium Bromide, etc. We have over 20 processing machines for processing pharmaceutical chemicals in a bulk quantity. For safe keeping them all, we have also developed a warehouse. Our storage unit has great space for storing chemicals in a huge quantity. With our hi-tech processing and safe storing facilities, we ensure clients needs are provided pharma chemicals in faster manner possible.

Future Plans

Our 2013 formed manufacturing and exporting company is appreciated across the globe for processing A-grade pharmaceutical chemicals. With our motto to become a renowned pharma chemicals company in the global marketplace, we are planning to increase our exports from 60% to 80%. This way we will also be able to serve more and more international companies and support them in saving human lives.

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